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"China Beach...and we don't have to go back to Vietnam to celebrate there!!!"


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 Helderberg True Value                                                                          865 Helderberg Trail (Rt 443)                                                          East Berne, NY 12059


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  Smokin Joe's bbq,(formerly Mothers)                                                10 Troy Rd.                                                                                 East Greenbush, NY 12144

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 McDermott’s Harley Davidson                                                  4294 U.S. 4                                                                                       Fort Ann, NY 12827                                               

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PO Box 11100, Albany, NY 12211   Office: 142 Catherine St., Albany, NY 12202

Contact us: 1) USPS mail     2) Web @     3) Fax  (518) 645-6508     

2014 OFFICERS                                      UPCOMING EVENTS - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014                                    

PRESIDENT                                             (Albany County Honor A V’s location, varies - American Legion Posts:                                       Joseph E. Zaloga and N Albany, ETC.)                            

JOE POLLICINO                                       (Rensselaer County’s Honor A Vet is on the 3rd Fl-Rear; in the County Office Bldg                                                           (DMV), at 1600 Seventh Ave.)              

 VICE PRESIDENT                                    11/3         Monday       - Albany’s  HAV - John J. Kowalski - Army - Cpl - WWII @ Zaloga Post = 8:30 AM         

ROBERT ALLYN                                      11/4         Tuesday      - TCCVEV’s General Meeting @ Zaloga Post = 7 PM. Also, Election - go & Vote, it’s your right!

                                                                11/5         Wednesday - @ Shaker HS, at 7 PM - Vets Event

TREASURER                                           11/6         Thursday     - FREE Concert at Albany’s Palace by the NAVY Band

RAY LINDH                                              11/8         Saturday      - USMC Ball @ Albany’s Polish American Center at 110 Commerce Ave - 6 PM

                                                                11/8         Saturday      - 2nd Annual Benefit SUNY-A Football game, in memory of Army Lt. Col. Todd Clark

SECRETARY                                           11/10       Monday        - Troy’s HAV - William J. Collis - USMC - Pfc - WWII @ Renss. Cty Ofc Bldg = 8:30 AM

GEORGE LaMORA                                  11/11       Tuesday       - Albany’s Veterans Day Parade kicks off at 11:11 AM; . Grand Marshall Norman Jensen, WWII

                                                                                                      (“Invitation Only” - Gold Star Mother’s Luncheon @N Albany American                                                                                                           Legion Post  following parade)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                         11/12       Wednesday  - Capt. Wm. D. O’Brien’s General Meeting @ Zaloga Post = 7:30 PM.

DON AMOROSI                                        11/18       Tuesday      - TCCVEV’s Board Meeting @ Catherine Street Office = 7 PM

JERRY D’AMELIA                                    11/27       Thursday     - THANKSGIVING  DAY

ADRIENNE DANIELS                                11/29       Saturday      - Proctor’s in Schenectady - Fundraiser for TCCVEV = 7 PM

BILL DAY                                                12/1         Monday       - Albany’s  HAV - Henry G. Zimmer, Sr. - Army - WWII @ Zaloga Post = 8:30 AM

CHARLES JOHNSON                               12/2         Tuesday      - TCCVEV’s General Meeting @ Zaloga Post = 7 PM.

TOMMY MARINELLO                               12/7         Sunday        - Pearl Harbor Event = TBA; tentatively scheduled for the morning; ck the newspapers or TV

Rev. CHARLENE ROBBINS, GSM            12/10       Wednesday  - Capt. Wm. D. O’Brien’s General Meeting @ Zaloga Post = 7:30 PM.              

HENRY ROSENZWEIG                             12/16       Tuesday      - TCCVEV’s Board Meeting @ Catherine Street Office = 7 PM --- Tentatively scheduled - TBA

BURT THORNE                                        12/25       Thursday     - Merry Blessed Christmas. 

TOM TRACY                                            12/31       Thursday     - New Year’s Eve


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BOB ALLYN                              At the present time, 97 members are paid for 2014 and LIFE Membership is up to                                             135. While, LIFE Membership is up; we are 28 below our members paid, at this time last                                             year only, 27 members have paid their 2014 dues since February 2014.…and the                                                year is quickly coming to an end. So, this would be a good time to take care of the dues.

CIA                                           Please check your address label on this newsletter. If the number, after your name;

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50-50                                             (HAV) Honor-A-Vet’s Applications are available, either County; call &/or email: 

Rev CHARLENE ROBBINS,GSM            Veteran Affairs Director =     

                                                        (518) 447-7710 and Lonnie (@ Rensselaer County Vets Affairs office)                                                                              (518) 270-2760

HOMELESS VETERANS                                    

JIM PELISO                                         

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TOM REGAN                                         SIXTIES  ROCK EXPERIENCE……RETURNS  TO PROCTORS                

GENE LOPARCO                                          Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the BRITISH INVASION

POW*MIA                                         It’s a FUNDRAISER for TCCVEV and we have a block of 250 tickets, center.

DON AMOROSI                  We receive $15 on every $35 ticket sold by Jack Clancy (518) 235-4254 

                                                  and Al Diacetis (518) 466 - 8771 - will have the tickets. Bring your friends!

SPOOKY                                           It was fun and a blast, last year. Go out for dinner, prior to the show.

GENE LOPARCO                           AGAIN, it’s a major FUNDRAISER for us & the $ will help the needy vets &

JERRY D’AMELIA                           their families. Besides, helping with the cost of finishing the final payments

                                                    of our Albany Vietnam Veterans Memorial, that was Rededicated on 9/13.

VETTRAK                                          Gary Weinlein, Producer/Director/“PR Guy” & Jack’s very good friend;   

BURT THORNE                 organized this show and will assist TCCVEV in selling merchandise. He and     

                                                    Proctors, are very proud to having proceeds go to our projects.  

                                                    So, let’s do our part and make this evening a successful event.                                                          

                                    Remember, when you buy the tickets - GO to Jack & Al…..not, other                                                                         sources because that is the only way that TCCVEV will receive $15.

The the British Legends, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Lulu, Joe Cocker, The Zombies, The Moody Blues, Dusty Springfield and America‘s Legends - Felix Cavaliere, Linda Ronstadt, The Turtles, Mama Cass Elliot, Santana, Grace Slick & Jim Morrison.


Presidents Column

 The Albany Vietnam Veterans Memorial Re-Dedication, on September 20th, came off great. Our Gold Star Families came out in force to make this eventful day complete & we had a perfect day. Weather was terrific & the 400 plus;who attended the ceremony and celebration, had so many grateful & positive remarks, for all of the great work.                                                                  

THANK YOU”, to the great committee we have, to all the generous benefactors;         to many who provided “in-kind” service, to our elected officials, who gave their support & to all the Albany Vietnam Veterans Memorial supporters who GAVE, for making this “Monumental” renovation project…..a very successful one. 

On September 25th, TCCVEV was honored, to provide a Color Guard, for the 118th  NYS Conference for the Daughters of the American Revolution; this was the 1st event, AFTER the rededication event. They chose to have their ceremony & photo opportunity at the newly renovated Albany Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Again, this was a perfect day to provide Colors   for this important society of grateful women.                                                 

Hopefully, this event will mark the first of many, by taking advantage of this beautiful Memorial. Also, as a venue in the City of Albany for future tourist, to honor the sacrifice of the 77 souls, who made the “Supreme Sacrifice” and who are etched in bronze, in Lafayette Park, Albany, NY. This isn’t for only Albany County but it’s for “ALL to see”.

Personally speaking, I am glad that Albany’s Mayor Kathy Sheehan has experienced these events; and to see this patriotism, comradeship and brotherhood throughout the community.


SPOOKY  (cont’d - Page 3)


Chaplain’s Corner                                     Rev. Charlene Robbins GSM                                                 Veteran’s Day is approaching, and for a moment in time, Americans will draw in a deep breath and feel pride for our men and women in service.  Men and women, who have set their lives aside, to protect and preserve a way of life that STILL offers unlimited possibilities for their children and future generations.

But what happens when the parades are over, the last news segments appear on television and the public returns to their mundane routines?  In the past, perhaps, with the crunch of the holiday season fast approaching, thoughts focus on gifts, banquet feasts at family gatherings and the roar of the crowds at the champion football games.  And yet, today, we are hearing an additional roar…the call, not to arms, but to service FOR our veterans.  Communities, one after another, are setting up organizations to help our veterans, past and present, to return to their lives in as normal a way as possible--promoting an atmosphere of wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

 In the Albany area, a project called Soldier On, was presented and ground was broken two years ago, to rehab the county nursing home into a universal center, which will provide these services to our veterans.  Not in competition with the overburdened VA hospitals, but in addition to them.  A place where our heroes will feel empowered, where their hopes can be reignited and the feeling of being home realized.  Let’s give a gift to these men and women that will last a lifetime! Encourage your legislators to eliminate the rhetoric and red tape and move this project forward NOW.  Where would we be if our service men and women debated for months/years when they were on the front lines?  They had our backs, now let’s make sure we have their backs.

 Let’s not forget that in any project of love and compassion, we are not acting alone, for ‘with God, all things are possible’.   God bless our veterans.  God bless America.

 ‘Now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.’ Corinthians 13:13

“…for truly, I say to you, if you have faith, as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible to you.”  Matthew 17:21

 PRO BONO was held on October 18th, at Albany Law. Remember it’s a privilege to be part of a group that respect the veterans, as do, these attorneys. NO  CHARGE for those who come. They have Senior Citizens and Special Needs groups. They really care for YOU. Since, the WWII Veterans are being reduced, daily; the Korean War Veterans to present day’s Veterans, are the majority that can benefit these services. So, whenever these services are available; please, take advantage of the service by going to Albany Law. They are a great group and they care for YOU.

 Editor’s Opinion: The following, needs to be repeated: “When it comes to volunteering for any assignment; the “Doubter”, NEVER does. It’s those, who have respect in what they believe is fair & worthy. When, it comes to the Albany Vietnam Veterans Memorial; I’ve witnessed MANY who “heard the call”. I wasn’t one, even though many

feel that by me taking photos of ALL who ARE working; I’m preserving TCCVEV’s “History of Events”. I thank those who believe that thought & I AM proud to serve our country, in the past and NOW, taking part, in truly, a beautiful and respected project. One that will be remembered, long after we’re gone. Those who made the supreme sacrifice are NEVER FORGOTTEN; which, is the main thought. So, thanks to YOU that have worked many hours….we know who you are and you know it’s gratifying to be part of the big picture. I’m proud to be part of this group.

Remember the Veteran. NEVER take for granted, “FREEDOM”; because, it’s NEVER free. Many made the supreme sacrifice for this statement.  Always, let’s remember them; especially, this coming Veterans Day.


SPOOKY  (cont’d - Page 4)


Please Remember Me  - Trustco Bank, honored & presented a plaque with a $1,000 check to Tom Regan. He was one of four, to be inducted in the bank’s “Hall of Fame”, on Fri., Oct. 17th. Also, for Albany’s Veterans Day Parade; we’ll need 120 volunteers to carry the flags. Remember, we’re honoring over 1,200 men & women; since, WWII, who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. We’ll MEET at 10am @ Central Ave & Partridge St. intersection. CALL

Tom Regan (518)229-3182 or Gene Loparco (518)265-0242 or email Gene:



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